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This workshop is inspired by the work of Diana Larsen and James Shore and their Agile Fluency Project and is intended to provide a means for teams to determine what their next level improvements are, and also provide a bit of exposure with the growth opportunities possible.

Frustrated with attempts by some organisations to measure teams' maturity, this workshop takes an alternative team directed and non-assessment based approach, and allows them to determine how they want to grow and head towards mastery...whatever that is...

Learning Objectives

  • What direction do the team/organisation want to take towards mastery
  • Exposure to other growth areas that they might have not had previous exposure to


  • This workshop is expected to take 60 mins or so


Workshop Flow


  • Ask the team to look at the Agile FluencyTM Model and consider which Agile Fluency Zone is important to them and why


  • Ask the team to pick up the Agile Evolve Cards and look through them considering which cards they are interested in

Concrete Practice

  • Ask the team to work through the Agile Evolve Canvas with the cards and considering the model


  • Finish up with a share back about their findings, what they want to do next, and why