Build Your Scrum Framework

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This exercise is based upon Build Your Own Scrum, (Weisbart 2018), which was seen to be out of date with the latest Scrum Guide. The workshop structure is based upon the 4 C’s framework described in Sharon Bowman’s Training From The Back of The Room (2009) (Bowman 2009).

Learning Objectives

  • Begin to understand how the Scrum framework fits with events, roles and artefacts


The materials needed for the workshop include:

  • Printed framework shapes 1 per group
  • Printed arrows 1 per group
  • Flip chart paper, 1 for each table group
  • Blu-tac or similar for sticking to the walls
  • Scissors
  • Copies of the Scrum Guide document, 1 per group
  • Copies of the Scrum Primer document, 1 per group
  • Copies of the Scrum poster, 1 per group

Workshop Flow

Connections (5 Minutes)

  1. Start by asking the attendees to split into table groups of 4 and to acquire the necessary materials to start for each table group.

Concepts (0 Minutes)

  1. Introduce the reading materials from the Scrum Guide or Scrum Primer.

Concrete Practice (25 Minutes)

  1. Ask the attendees to construct their respective Scrum models using any means necessary e.g. using the handouts and any web based resources they can find.

Conclusions (15 Minutes)

  1. Conclude with a show and tell with each table group presenting their models to the attendees
  2. Facilitate any questions with the models
  3. Finish up with a team share back to discuss their models
  4. Finally show a diagram of the Scrum Framework and walk the attendees through it paying attention to: